Welcome to Freedom!


  • Are you successful yet lacking a sense of fulfillment or joy?
  • Do you work really hard but never feel content, accomplished or caught up?
  • Are you a person who “sacrifices for others” yet has no inner-peace?
  • When people give you compliments does it feel uncomfortable or phony like they are just “being polite”?
  • And if they criticize you does it feels like they nailed you perfectly, or alternately you feel the need to get defensive and fight back?
  • When someone offers you food or drink do you tend to say “no thank you” even though you may be hungry or thirsty?
  • Are you uncomfortable at social functions and prefer to be home?
  • Or maybe you don’t like being alone in the quiet and always have to have the TV or radio making noise or on your phone staying “distracted”
  • Can you feel deeply in your soul that there is more for your life but have no idea where to start?
  • Has it been so long since anything has changed in your life that you don’t even bother dreaming about a better life anymore?
  • Do you know where to start but find yourself binge-watching Netflix instead?
  • Have years of ‘Self Help’ given you tons of insight but with minimal results it has left you feeling like you’ll never get free?
  • Do you keep misfiring, starting over and over yet quickly losing motivation?
  • Have you ever said, “I am my own worst enemy”?
  • Are you a Christian yet still feel empty, alone, disconnected, exhausted and wondering why God isn’t doing more?
  • Do you need a change, feeling stuck, getting hopeless?
  • Have you been “labeled” by psychiatrists and told: “it will be hard your entire life”?

Hi, my name is George and I have answered yes to all of those and many more similar statements throughout my entire lifetime. As a child-abuse survivor diagnosed with PTSD, OCD, ADD, Social Anxiety Disorder and having struggled with multiple addictions and chronic illnesses, I became hopeless and even suicidal at a couple times in my life. Funny enough, this all was going on inside while I was receiving the highest awards that each of the companies I worked for offered.

I looked great on the outside, but was dying a slow death on the inside

Each one of those items listed above has a specific root to it, and I’m infinitely familiar with them all.

And today, none of those have a hold on my life, NONE!


I have joy, peace, contentment, motivation, focus, commitment, I don’t feel stuck anymore, problems are just opportunity to grow, I don’t feel anxiety like I used to, I know I belong and I matter, I don’t self-sabotage, no more worry or fear. I know success in areas of my life is already mine, if only I will stay the course this time.

If you can’t confidently say you know those things are true for you, you are not here by accident!

I also now know who I am, and I know what I love to do and I know why I was born, and even why my life has been hard for over 50 years…


Hindsight is 20/20, and the processes I have discovered are a sniper bullet in the dark that can hit a bulls-eye at 1,000ft.

It blows me away how close I was for decades to finding true and lasting inner peace and joy which has now become the fuel to ignite my courage to pursue my dreams.

I finally have the courage to risk everything, leave my high-paying career of 30 years and actually start my own business, crazy right!!!

Now you can bet with a highly-successful career yet still feeling empty and lost that I spent my whole life and thousands upon thousands of dollars…

Looking for Solutions

12-step programs, hundreds-of-hours of counseling, I reached a state of pre-clear in Dianetics, paid thousands for motivational programs and joined the Western Medicine pill-popping brigade for a while.

Then on the morning of January 3rd 2011, at Limekiln campground in Big Sur California after a 3 day drunken binder, I took a desperate, last chance Hail Mary and cried out to Jesus for help

That was by far the most dramatic and significant life-changing transformative experience of them all up to that point.

But then even after 8 years of drug and alcohol sobriety from that exact moment and me then going all-in by becoming a student of the Bible and serving at church and even leading Men’s Addiction Recovery groups for 7 of the last 8 years; something deep in my soul was still broken.

I still longed for a breakthrough, I was doing everything right as best I knew, both on the inside and outside, yet it still felt like I was my own worst enemy, I was uncomfortable dating, I was unfulfilled at my work, my relationship with my family was distant, my service at church became burdensome, and I started getting chronic unexplained illnesses.

Clearly something inside was still deeply wounded and it was destroying my life even with my own best efforts

I was losing hope, I was losing faith, I began to fear I was beyond even God’s help.

It was as if my old self just wouldn’t die

And when you think about it, it isn’t all that surprising; my negative tapes have run the show for more than four decades as the result of my traumatic childhood that was filled with severe and long-term mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

But then… I went to a new counselor…

and in only 3 sessions everything made sense and I was set free!

I’m not exaggerating, it was unexpected and dramatic

I instantly felt completely free to press into discovering my life’s passion and started getting the training and skills I needed to move forward. Since that breakthrough it has taken me less than 30 days to reach escape velocity and open the doors of my new business and launch this website and begin offering one-on-one transformation coachingtruly amazing!

Coaching is something that I have felt called to do for years, but I thought I couldn’t do it, and feared actually trying to do it, yet here I am now doing it!

Truth be told, I’m not claiming that “she fixed me that quick”. She just provided the missing pieces I’ve been searching for, pieces I actually had in my possession all along and just didn’t realize it.

And I guarantee, YOU have all the pieces YOU NEED to begin living YOUR BEST LIFE immediately. Once the blinders come off, and you get YOUR BREAKTHROUGH, everything changes in a single heartbeat.

And if you are still reading this, you KNOW the answer is still out there, you may even have realized it’s not “out there” at all, it’s part of the PERFECT CODE you were born with, and unless our development years (0-14) are PERFECT (nobody’s can be) then you have filters and faulty programming deep inside which are distorting your PERFECT self from emerging.

Gratefully, I never gave up hope, and I never stopped searching, and clearly, you haven’t either!

But I was really beginning to fear there was nothing more I could do, I had to resign to just living a mediocre, unfulfilled, frustrating life until they put me in the ground.

God promised I would get better and that He had more for me, but I couldn’t help but ask; when, when do I actually feel free????

The second I tapped into my new and profound awareness of what was still holding me captive, EVERYTHING in my life began to fall into place. The blinders came off almost effortlessly and my entire paradigm and self-image flipped 180 degrees!

And we aren’t talking small breakthroughs, I mean EVERYTHING made perfect crystal clear sense from the years of abuse being “the source of my problems” to now having true clarity as to where I was successful and failed in life. I now knew why things are the way they are in my life and I have 100% ability, confidence, focus and determination to do what needs to be done going forward. All that awareness manifested in what seemed like the blink of an eye, literally!

Over the next couple of weeks, I began to discover just how far-reaching my newfound mental and emotional freedom went, and I quickly recognized a VERY SIMPLE FORMULA which now gives me daily contentment, inner peace, joy, fulfillment and drive even though I still live in a rented room, physically sick and unemployed (oh wait, I meant being an entrepreneur – haha).

Somehow I already LOVE MY LIFE and I am truly FILLED WITH GRATITUDE!!! And it is only going to get better from here!!!

The self-help books, the years of therapy, and secular commentators were all essentially saying similar things, the “truth” found in them was accurate, and for me the “Truth” found in the Bible contained everything I needed, yet somehow all of it wasn’t reaching into the deepest recesses of my head and heart formed many years ago.

Science has believed up until recently that childhood trauma, abuse or even significant emotional abandonment can wire the brain in such a way that it can’t be undone once solidified later in life.

And more recently scientists have discovered that a lifetime of addictions and negative “always on” tapes actually has the power to REWRITE OUR DNA, OUR LIFE CODE!

That should be a terrifying thought!

That truly would mean that mental illness and unexplained chronic illnesses are indeed incurable. And that also seems to explain why there are “generational curses” or hereditary traits like depression, obesity, addictions, family abuse, chronic illnesses, and extreme behaviors such as rage or suicidal tendencies passed down from generation to generation… not only does it develop through conditioning, it passes through our genes!


Those same neuro-scientists discovered one of my favorite words of all times


What the Bible has said for nearly 2,000 years is finally affirmed by science; “…be transformed by the renewal of your mind…”


My personal struggles, decades of research, and my recent ascension into another level of cognitive awareness has given me unbelievable clarity into the process needed to break free from the limits of our past programming…

I am able to help others find their own freedom and reignite their life, no matter how young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy… massive breakthroughs leading to life transformation, and in some cases seemingly almost effortlessly and immediate!

And to prove that I’m not just a savvy businessman trying to sell you snake oil with a (not so) flashy website and overblown promises, I freely admit that what I have insight into isn’t unique to me, I’m just one of the most recent people “it has happened for“.

In fact, I now realize that EMPOWERMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT, and ASCENSION are as old as mankind itself, it is true alignment with God’s truth of who He is and who He says we are, it is self-awareness on steroids and it facilitates a disconnect from the toxicity in the outer world and a realignment in our inner world.


I had a Spiritual experience over 8 years ago, but I’m calling this an enlightenment experience, for it was a cognitive reality that transformed my inner-geing understandings. And it isn’t unprecedented.

But what I do offer that is unique is my unique story, my unique ability to connect and create safe spaces, and my unique and personal way of relating to your greatest desires and needs and pains. And by utilizing MY PROVEN BLUEPRINT TO INNER FREEDOM program that I use in my coaching practice and personal life, I truly believe, can break down significant barriers in your life too.

I am creating an online version, give me a break it’s only been a month!

(wow, I need to pause on that… my practice is online and I’m developing a program, “and it’s only been a month!!).

So by now I hope you are asking “what are the components of Blueprint to Inner Freedom”? I’m glad you asked

Blueprint to Inner Freedom Program Outline

  1. Uncovering the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking patterns that are holding you back and seek personal and profound breakthroughs that allow a fresh start
  2. Discovering your innate strengths and abilities and defining your core values
  3. Rediscovering the dreams that faded away from lack of pursuit
  4. Develop over-comer strategies for your next steps
  5. Define your “perfect day” that is easy to replicate and brings fulfillment

A short version of that could be:

  1. Love Me
  2. Know Me
  3. Dream Me
  4. Do Me

People have said there are no “get rich quick” schemes that work. I beg to differ!

Yes, building a successful business or changing careers, or finding the perfect mate and getting married or getting your business to the next level or making a million dollars will take tons of commitment and hard work!

But applying the perfect day routine every day will raise the bar quickly on your inner life. You don’t need millions of dollars to be fulfilled, or to have joy or experience a rich inner-peace, you only need to love yourself, and you do that by living as your best self today.

As I see it, that truly is a get rich quick plan!

And you will find that once your core values, beliefs, skills and desires are all aligned, it no longer feels like work, you will no longer want to procrastinate throughout the day or back down when the going gets tough because you will have clarity on why it is you are doing what you are doing and self-awareness to squash the life-killer voices inside mind and body.

And with that clarity and empowerment comes momentum and contentment. Nothing can stop you from becoming your best self and experiencing your best life IF YOU DON’T LET IT STOP YOU.

I recently heard someone say, “there is only one reason why a business fails, it is when the owner gives up and quits, period”.

That has been me in most areas of my life, and it is not me anymore.

It was less than 30 days ago I “woke up” and I’m already an official entrepreneur, and I am open for business, how awesome (and fun/scary) is that!

For years I’ve wanted to get off the corporate treadmill but always had a thousand excuses why “now is not a good time” and I never made an ounce of progress, until now.

Now I am a certified NLP Practioner, a Certified Life Coach, and a certified Knowledge Business Broker, for me those are a giant wow, great job, George!!!

And I promise you, I’m just a regular guy who has worked hard my whole life and yet never got ahead, and never felt special. And the successes I did have never gave me self-satisfaction, the bar was always higher than I could reach.

I continue to be blown away at the potential I never knew I had and I’m now going all out every day, and loving every minute of it.

I’m finally wide awake and every day is an amazing gift and opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through impacting the lives of everyone I can reach. Who was it that coined “live your best life now”… it is totally possible.

I want YOU to start experiencing YOUR BEST LIFE also, right now… and it is not only possible, but it is also very likely closer than you ever imagined!

I am working day and night (and doing proper self-care in-between) to develop my first online course and get it live ASAP.

In the meantime, you can check out my blogs and inevitably uploading videos, podcasts, eBooks, and eventually live online and facilitating weekend workshops! I’m excited to share EVERYTHING I have learned and all that I will continue to learn.

I am supremely confident you will experience YOUR BREAKTHROUGHS; and I’m honored and excited to be a part of YOUR LAUNCH PARTY!

I realize there isn’t any reviews or much tangible info online here yet, but if you know you need to get started right away, and what I am saying is resonating with you, then you know that putting off your best life will only make you older and leave you in the same place… you know that now is the time to make your bold move to secure your best future.


I would love an opportunity to speak with you and learn about your most pressing issues, find out where you feel stuck.

And if we have a connection and you would like to proceed, I will then put together a PERSONAL ROADMAP TO FREEDOM PLAN SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO YOU This document will be packed with helpful insight gained from our conversation that should bring value even if we don’t book a coaching session, and it is yours free to keep.

Once you have reviewed the plan, and are excited to step into your first session, we will schedule the time together!



And it gets even better!

  • The first (2) clients to book with me in June will get a full (4) session package free of charge! That is a $400 value


What are you waiting for? Permission, courage, ability, time, for it to feel right… ok, I give you the freedom to claim all of those things as already yours!

Schedule the call today

Oh, and if you wanted to meet me check out MY FIRST BLOG, couldn’t help but throw a selfie up there 🙂

I am excited to discover what you are capable of, I hope you are too!