Welcome to Freedom!

Have you ever felt like…

  • “I’m not living the life I was meant to live”
  • “I’m successful but I don’t feel content or happy”
  • “I’ve done everything right yet something is missing”

… Or worse …

  • “Sometimes I am my own worst enemy”
  • “I don’t know why I do the things I do”
  • “Sometimes I can be such a dumba@# “

Hi, my name is George Crone, and I know EXACTLY how you feel!

Most of my life I figured I was living the American Dream. I had a 30 year career in Technology, took adventurous vacations a couple times a year, was involved in multiple community, church, and social activities on a weekly basis; It was a great life.

This is what we are supposed to do right,? Work hard, give yourself away on a mission, make decent money, play hard, surround yourself with lots of friends & family.

But then why was life becoming harder instead of easier?

Why was my sense of fulfillment and inner-peace diminishing as I got older?

Over the years I kept getting this nagging feeling that I was missing the boat. And as that voice grew louder I began to realize that I was doing all the right stuff but…


But how could that be?

As I began to dig deeper I realized that my life’s blueprint was what many of us Baby Boomers were told was the definition of a “successful life”.

  • Get job
  • Go to college
  • Get a career
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Have 2.5 kids
  • Put kids through college
  • Retire
  • Die

And we are somehow meant to feel “less than” if we don’t accomplish life in that order and check off all the boxes.

Somewhere along the line, for me, it began feeling like I was living someone else’s version of my life.

But I fought the voice back arguing “I’m on the right path, and things are pretty well, those feelings of contentment and enjoying my life is just around the corner, just as soon as I accomplish ____________” 

And the years ticked by, and I began telling myself that “those feelings of EMPOWERMENT, DRIVE, ENTHUSIASM, PASSION or FINANCIAL FREEDOM are all over-rated, those are only for the lucky people who either had life handed to them or they have some kind of drive or skill or ability that I just don’t have”

And that all lead to the worst lie of them all

“I guess I wasn’t meant for a super-successful life doing what I love to do”

And if you are here now I do not believe it is by accident because I’m here to tell you settling for less is bullsh*t!

There is a life we were meant to live and deep inside YOU KNOW what that is even if you don’t realize it yet

And therein lies the problem!

Most people who feel disillusioned about life’s outcomes suffer from some incredibly common conditions:

Lack of Cognitive Self-awareness

Self-Limiting Beliefs 

Unhelpful Thinking Patterns 

Poor Self-Discipline

Lack of vision, passion, focus & clarity 

And when you put these “best life killers” together you create a self-fulling loop that can keep someone living the same year over and over all the way to the grave; never risking, never growing, never experiencing wild success or deep fulfillment.

It is a life not by design, but by “going with the flow”

For me, I did what I was good at during the day, and I did what I loved to do evenings and weekends. And that was the problem, my passions were squished in where I could fit them, they weren’t integrated into my every day.


  • #1 Uncover and Push Against (or remove) the Limiting Beliefs
  • #2 Get Really Clear on Your Core Values & Skills
  • #3 Discover Your True Super-Power (everyone has at least one)
  • #4 Get in Touch With Your Life’s Passions
  • #5 Strategically Craft Your Perfect Day, Month, Year, Life and Start Living it Today!

True joy every day is possible but only when our entire life is aligned with our deepest core values and inherent skills, no more part-time fragmentation and compartmentalizations.

Bottom line

  • A million dollars in the bank won’t make you “feel content or fulfilled”, it just makes misery a little more affordable. Just ask any unhappy millionaire or google what happens to most lottery winners.
  • You aren’t waiting for your best life to happen, because it’s not external to you. Every living creature is born with a DNA CODE which has their best self fully formed and it is just waiting on us to realize it and take ownership for creating it.
  • The brain that made its best choices throughout our lifetime and got us where we are today is not capable of “seeing what it can’t see”.

To quote one of my favorite coaches: “we don’t live for 79 years, we just live the same year over and over 79 times”. We all need a trustworthy, passionate, skilled visionary to partner with us who can come alongside and re-orient us towards our best life. I have several people in my life like that who do that for me, do you?

Flagship Offering

Blueprint to Inner Freedom Program Session Outline

  1. Uncovering the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking patterns that are holding you back and seek personal profound breakthroughs that facilitate a fresh new perspective on life as a whole.  
  2. Discovering your innate strengths and abilities and defining your core values
  3. Rediscovering the dreams that faded away from lack of pursuit or belief that you couldn’t do it or not worth having it. 
  4. Develop over-comer strategies for your next steps so you don’t fall in the same traps that have squashed your progress in the past. 
  5. Define your “perfect day” that is easy to replicate and by aligning your core values, beliefs, and actions, you can quickly begin to experience significant fulfillment right where you are today. 

So what is it going to be, are you ready to discover, maybe for the first time, who you really are, what you are truly capable of accomplishing, and rediscover the dream-achiever inside of you?

I would love an opportunity to speak with you and learn about your most pressing issues, find out where you feel stuck and what your deepest desires look like today. Career, relationally, passion/calling, maybe just getting a raise? Wherever you are, I’d like to meet you there. Make huge strides in overcoming addictions or depression, whatever that looks like, I’m willing to engage.

After the free call, I will then put together a PERSONAL ROADMAP TO FREEDOM PLAN SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO YOU.

This document is yours to keep, even if you don’t book a session with me. It will be packed with helpful insight gained from our conversation that will bring value in itself, FREE OF CHARGE!

Once you have reviewed the plan, and are excited to step into your first session, we will schedule the time together!




What are you waiting for? Permission, courage, ability, time, for it to feel right… ok, I give you the freedom to claim all of those things as yours already!

I am excited to discover what you are capable of, I hope you are too!


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