The Life Mastery Series


I am excited to announce the pre-release of a new comprehensive online program rolling out Fall 2019 called The Life Mastery Series.

The Life Mastery Series is a comprehensive set of teachings, tools, and testimonials all designed to help people discover, design and launch into their Best Life Blueprint. 

And what is the Best Life Blueprint you might ask?

In my life, I have experienced profound recovery from addictions like drugs & alcohol, mental and emotional challenges like PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder and terribly low self-worth, and a host of fears and negative beliefs all of which kept me trapped in an “OK” life, not a great life, and definitely not my BEST LIFE.

Today, I am living my Best Life! And you can too… 

Through this program, you will have the guidance to discover how and why we “self-sabotage” and potentially experience significant breakthroughs in overcoming those limitations.

We will also tackle head-on the self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeing who we really are, what we are capable of, and begin again to dream, design and build our most fulfilling, abundant and impactful life.

I know, this sounds like some very lofty promises, but I can assure you I am spending hundreds of hours painstakingly creating this comprehensive deep dive into the murky waters of hacking the subconscious and overriding the fear, shame and blame barriers that hold us back from living from our greatest creativity and problem-solving self.

In this preview of The Life Mastery Series, I talk about the entire process of becoming empowered, gaining enlightenment, and discovering how to live a deeply satisfying life filled with inner peace and contentment by walking every day with intentionality into your calling and best life destiny.

So have a listen below, and afterward, if you want to stay in-the-loop then Join the Mail List here

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The Life Mastery Series Overview

Program Listing

*(beta course listing – subject to change prior to release)

LMS1 – Empowerment – Best Life Blueprint

  1. Overcoming Roadblocks to Success
  2. Discovering Your Passions & Power
  3. Discovering a New Reality
  4. Designing Your Perfect Day Blueprint
  5. Setting Milestones & Accountability

LMS2 – Enlightenment  – Best Self Blueprint

  1. Discovering WHO YOU ARE
  2. Discovering WHAT YOU CAN DO
  3. Discovering WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO DO
  4. Discovering WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO
  5. Discerning WHAT YOU CAN’T CONTROL

LMS3 – Ascension – Inner Peace & Fulfillment

  1. Becoming Fully Alive & Vibrant EVERY DAY
  2. Becoming Fully Connected to yourself, others and God
  3. Becoming Fully Engaged in EVERYTHING YOU DO
  4. Experiencing Inner Peace with yourself & others
  5. Learning to Live Fully Inspired
  6. Becoming Your Best Fan

As modules are completed above I will be releasing some for free. If you would like to be notified when the program launches or when new information is released then sign up here

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