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I bring nearly 10 years of being a recovery leader and mentorship to the table. I have acquired multiple coaching certifications, and have decades of personal life experiences and challenges that I have had to overcome myself to reach a place of clarity and courage in my own life.

When I left my 30 year IT Career and stepped into an official Life Coaching role, it was simply me taking my skills and passions to the next level; this is me walking the talk.

You can be assured you will be getting my blood, sweat, and tears to ensure you experience serious breakthrough and find new solutions and directions in pursuit of your best self, find your life’s purpose and get headed down the path of your destiny. 

So whether you just want to connect for a few sessions to see “how it goes” or you are ready to deep dive into The Best Life Blueprint, there is a program available.

And if you really feel like this is something you need to do and finances are the limiting factor, fill out the form below, let’s do the no-cost / no-risk initial consultation, and let’s see if there is a connection. From there we can discuss discounts or smaller payment plans which might make this more affordable you. 

Bottom line, I believe I can help, and if you want help then let’s explore the possibilities.  

The only way to know if I’m right for you is to set up the free consultation. If we can’t make a connection in the first 1/2hr then there is no need to go any further and you won’t need to spend a dime.

But if we do make a connection…  



BEST LIFE BLUEPRINT WORKSHOP | (5) Weekly Sessions   Cost: $400

Who is this for?

This BLB process is a highly effective jump-off point for those in a place where everything feels out of balance; unhappy in a job, relationships not working out, lost hope or joy, or experiencing minimal personal satisfaction or inner-peace and wondering “is this all there is in life”.

I called those years of my life Ground Hog Day, every day/week/month blurred into the next in a drone of discontentment, disappointment, exhaustion, and boredom.

Mind you I was very active, but I now realize my life was out of alignment with my core values, passions, and purpose in life and I had a gazillion limiting beliefs about who I was and what I was truly capable of, and I had no idea what I was born to do. 

Through BLB I am able to strategically guide people through what I discovered in hindsight as being the very catalyst for my own transformation launch toward my destiny.

Each session builds on the previous giving you a clearer vision of who you are, what you can do, discover what you truly are meant to do and how to do it.

It is a deep dive, but only as deep as you are willing to go.

For those who have been on a self-discovery journey most of your life, this process will very likely provide the very breakthroughs needed to launch.

For those who are just starting this self-awareness journey, the BLB will be the roadmap for your next steps to great healing, clarity, courage, and action.


What does the Best Life Blueprint offer?

I don’t put time limits on BLB sessions as I believe this is a foundational discovery process into all the areas of life and this offering will expose the most challenging areas. 

This is a highly personalized and customized journey with many hours of behind the scenes work between each session providing the very real potential for whole life transformation. 

Free Consultation – We start out exploring where you are, where you feel stuck, what you want to accomplish, and begin uncovering the obstacles in your path (internal and external). The result of this free session will be the foundation for the BLB summary that you will use to determine if you are ready to enter into an official coaching relationship. 

Week One – Uncovering the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking patterns that are holding you back and pursue personal and profound breakthroughs that facilitate a fresh new perspective on life as a whole.  

Week Two – Discovering your innate strengths and abilities and defining your core values

Week Three – Rediscovering the dreams that faded away from lack of pursuit or belief that you couldn’t do it or are not worth having it. 

Week Four – Develop over-comer strategies for your next steps so you don’t fall in the same traps that have squashed your good progress in the past. 

Week Five – Define your “perfect day” that is easy to replicate and by aligning your core values, beliefs, and actions, you can quickly begin to experience significant fulfillment right where you are today. 

After week five you decide what areas you may want to stay engaged with. Some clients launch right away with this foundational work and others choose to continue coaching sessions in one or more areas of the Blueprint to get greater freedom, clarity, and motivation to stay the course.

The choice is always yours as to how far, deep and wide we travel together on defining and building your new life. 


One-on-One Coaching  Cost: $100 hr

As a Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Addictions Recovery Mentor, and skilled vocational Project Manager, and one who has found freedoms from nearly debilitating fear and self-confidence problems; I offer a truly holistic approach to any of life’s problems. Whether it is crisis intervention where you need to find solutions fast or you just want to find a new direction in your life, through our one-on-one sessions we will identify the personal roadblocks to empowerment, creativity, and motivation and find solutions and develop strategies to turn your circumstances around. 


Monthly Maintenance | (6) Monthly Tune-Up/Accountability   Cost: $300

After completing either a series of one-on-one sessions or going through the BLB Workshop, I offer a reduced-price monthly follow-up in 6-month increments to ensure your focus, determination, personal satisfaction, and goals are being met. This is a good opportunity to celebrate on what is working and what areas might need a tune-up to ensure you are maintaining escape velocity to your best life.  


Critical Response  |  (2) 4-Hour Intensives  Cost: $1,000

Sometimes life can hit us hard out of nowhere and we just don’t know how to move forward. Overwhelming emotions and stuck thinking can cripple us and the last thing we have time for is indecision or disabling fear. Divorce, loss of job, addictions, arrest, death of someone close, life isn’t easy but it is possible to keep moving forward with power, authority, confidence, courage and maintain focus and regain hope. 

It is important to mention here that I am not a therapist and this is not counseling.

There are tools and processes to move quickly out of the emotional zone and into the empowerment zone and having someone skilled outside of the situation who has “been there done that” to minimize the damage from catastrophizing thoughts or helpless/hopeless beliefs can be critical.  


Meeting Options

  • Zoom Video
  • Skype Video
  • Phone Audio
  • In Person (in the Los Angeles, California Area? Let’s Meet * (some restrictions and additional fees may apply)


Payment Plans and reduced rates available – ask for more information during your free consultation if this is a requirement

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Money-Back Guarantee**  100satisfaction

**All results will vary, and every situation and person is unique.  However, I offer my services in an attempt to empower men and women to discover and reach for their best life and overcome obstacles. If you have the capacity to be honest with me and yourself and are willing to do the work suggested, and you don’t find any value from our sessions, then a full or partial refund may be granted.


Do not include financial or other sensitive information in this form. Response time is typically within 24 hours

Thank you for your trust, I don’t take it lightly!

Disclaimer: By participating in any of my coaching services or reading my website or blog, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Coaching is not a substitute for psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I promise to always give my best efforts, bring my best skills and provide thoughtful care.

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