Why Would I Need a Life Coach


I believe it is the greatest human tragedy when people filled with talent, wisdom, desire, heart, passion, and purpose never experience what it’s like to live fully activated in all areas of their life and instead take everything they had to offer with them to the grave.


If you know what it is to feel stuck, confused, or frustrated in one or more areas of your life; even thriving in one or two areas but still lacking fulfillment and joy, then life coaching very likely is a great answer for you.

The sheer magnitude of tools available to us and the insights of a good coach into where we get off-track can shave decades off of trying to figure this stuff out on our own.

It is our faulty assumptions and misfocused attempts that leave us disheartened and resigned to just doing status-quo for another month, year, decade… and there are no guarantees we will find our way off this train, graveyards are filled with literally billions of people who didn’t. 

For me, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was an all-in Christian” with over 8 years of sobriety and working 12-step recovery programs yet still battling debilitating fears and self-worth issues and lingering sporadic relapses.  

What I discovered at ground zero is there are always limiting beliefs and lack of proper self-identity and awareness which makes it virtually impossible to “figure it out” on our own.

All of the successful people in all walks of life have a mentor, guide or coach who point out very simple ideas and processes that if followed wholeheartedly will breed great success. 

If you are you ready for a fresh new start then you need to take a new action!

  • Get a better understanding of what has been holding you down
  • Learn how incredibly valuable and worthy you actually are
  • Discover what you are capable of and called to do
  • Dream your best life and give it a workable framework so it’s not just fantasy
  • And finally, define the specific steps that begin that new journey right away
  • And ultimately set up accountability and success markers to keep the dream alive



Probably the most important consideration is how deeply I am committed to helping people experience the same freedom, joy, courage, activation, and commitment that I myself am experiencing in my own life.

The process is actually quite simple, but of course, nothing worth pursuing comes easy, it is an important distinction. If you are willing to work for it, I’m able to meet you there.  

I was told my conditions of PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, drug and alcohol addictions, and a host of other challenges (all resulting from childhood traumas and abuse) were going to limit my everyday life for the rest of my life.

I believed them for far too long, but today I am now proving them all wrong!


I am very PATTERN AWARE. I can cognitively see in my own life, and in others whom I connect with, the limiting beliefs that feed the patterns of failure or other unhelpful thinking patterns or improper self-identity that keeps us chained to mediocrity and oftentimes misery.

And of most critical importance, these are always the ones we can’t see on our own… if we could we would have given them up years earlier.

Our bad habits and false beliefs serve us on some level, and once that gets exposed and eliminated we can nearly instantly become “fully alive“.


I also have 20/20 vision through hindsight. It took me decades to discover my Best Life Blueprint the hard way, and as I assembled the pieces in my own life I have gained greater and greater clarity and ability to guide you to “your own Blueprint“. 


I also have what I call a “SOUL-CARE” ability. I believe it developed from my childhood traumas which gave me a kind of radar that connects me to people, sometimes very quickly. I suspect I am connecting my story to yours, and with that, deep levels of trust and understanding are formed. If you don’t have that with your coach or mentor, you aren’t getting the full benefits of that kind of relationship. 

Interestingly, this isn’t something readily available in most counseling situations. Rarely will a therapist share their own story and identify on a personal level. Coaches have the freedom to get invested in the success of their clients. It is a partnership, but only as far as the client is willing to do the work him/herself. 

I find incredible satisfaction when a captive is set free and they take the first bold steps towards actualizing their destiny. 

And on the flipside, if you are looking for someone to “save you” or “fix you”, that is not a coach. We are guides, not gurus or your parents. Only serious seekers will benefit.


I also believe that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. There are reasons and timings for all things that happen to us and through us, even if we can’t recognize it.

There are perfect rhythms and purposes for EVERYONE’s life. Whether you believe in God, Source, the Universe, Light… there is a Divine Intelligence that run’s throughout all of creation, and we simply need to align ourselves with that perfect design.

When we begin doing that, life makes sense and we are able to do great things, and great things begin to happen in and through our lives.

We become part of the universal solution to what ails mankind


As a 30-year Information Technology Manager, Project Manager and Corporate Trainer, I know how to evaluate and engineer the most efficient workflows, programs and strategies for each client.

And I know how to motivate, encourage and guide each person toward their best successes and breakthroughs. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I realized that my career skills augment VERY nicely into the coaching world!


Another of my top core values is that of Restoration. I believe everything can be remade, rebuilt, remanufactured, re-imagined, re-discovered; and that includes a person’s best life. Nothing that I do in a coaching engagement bring about a manifestation of something new in your life. It is about drawing out the things that have been buried under a lifetime of filters and blinders which have been obscuring your passions and abilities from your own vision.

I simply put people back in touch with themselves and give them a launching platform.


Because of my passion for people and the mindblowing experience I had in only 3 therapy sessions that changed my life, I became a Certified Life Coach, an NLP Certified Practitioner, and a Certified Knowledge Business Broker which is basically some of what Tony Robins and other HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL coaches utilize. And that is because THEY CAN SEEMINGLY WORK MIRACLES by giving instant clarity into something that may have baffled us for decades.

And more…

And just so we are clear, I’m not saying the challenges in life go away with a life coach, nor am I claiming to be any kind of guru or master.

I am, however, promising that all of life’s problems can get framed in a manner that helps us welcome the challenges because we know they are simply stairs we climb to our best life. And with each step, we find personal growth, new successes, and fulfillment on levels many of us gave up thinking were even possible. 

Ultimately, there is only one way to be sure Life Coaching can work for you

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