Who is This George Guy Anyway?

Hello, my name is George Crone, it’s nice to meet you!


I have no doubt that my life’s experiences and hunger for knowledge and making a difference in the lives of the people I meet give’s me a unique gifting and a life’s calling to support others in their journey to freedom; freedom from the limiting beliefs, unhealthy thinking patterns, and get true, deep and lasting release from any early-life traumas that may be stored in your mind or body.

It all began more than 50 years ago in the state of Washington, my parents were poor and…


Maybe I don’t need to go that far back;

My ultimate goal is to create safe and encouraging spaces that facilitate significant breakthroughs for my clients. I can’t stress enough that there are no taboo subjects or life situations that we couldn’t press into.

For lack of a better description,  “I have been to the gates of hell and lived to tell about it”!

From decades of chronic child abuse (in all forms) to living with a lifetime of addictions and emotional struggles (fear, insecurity, self-loathing, people-pleasing, depression and more), you can imagine I have experienced a lot, and being on the other side of those decades of struggles give me a perspective not everyone has. I wouldn’t wish my journey on anyone, but today I am grateful for it, for my mess has become my message.

I have also had career successes and experienced my share of “failure to launch” disappointments, all of which build into my decades-long research into what holds us down from experiencing our best life.

Because of my personal experience with the ways in which others helped me, I became a Certified Life Coach, NLP PractitionerKnowledge Business Broker and by trade, I have been a Corporate Trainer, an IT Manager and Project Manager throughout my 30 year IT Career.

One of my core values is being a “Learner” and I will continue to add certifications and accreditations as my deep-dive into my new career as a Life Coach continues; not only because I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, but I will always bring the best of me to my clients, I promise to always over-deliver every time!

In addition to that, simply being on the receiving end of decades of therapy has given me an incredibly honed cognitive awareness, likely also from being an only child in a physically abusive household that required me being able to “read others” for my own survival.

I also have nearly 9 years of sobriety. Soon after getting sober I became a Recovery Facilitator in both secular and multiple Life Groups and Men’s Recovery Groups through my church. I have found lasting freedom from gaming, food, alcohol, drugs and pornography addictions; and if these are something you battle with I know finding freedom from those can be a living hell in itself, but I believe it can be easier than we’ve been told; much easier than I ever realized… My problem was I was looking for freedom in the wrong places for many years.

I am a Christian, and hopefully, that isn’t a problem for you.

Faith is a critical aspect of attaining wholeness and finding the purpose and courage to stand boldly against your fears and move forward toward your dreams, but only in the sense that YOUR BELIEFS MUST WORK FOR YOU.

I suppose even an Atheists who sees evolution as their motivation to become the best version of themselves so as to better propagate the species can be effective, whatever works for you!

That being said, I am also happy to share my faith and testimony with someone if they ask, and I am happy to draw on scripture to support our sessions from a biblical perspective if that is something that would bring us to a common connection place.

But I assure you, my personal faith is never imposed on our sessions unless you want to go there.

I’ll also warn you now, I’m as real as it gets. I’m not using fancy webpages or complex marking (yet haha), I don’t put on masks to pretend to be something I’m not, and I’m pretty raw and transparent with my own story. I’m just a guy who found freedom from so many years of heartache and limiting beliefs that kept me locked in a life that was unfulfilling and demanded way too much time and resources from me… and now that I’ve experienced a new freedom, I want to give my knowledge and heart away on mission, I want to give that to you.

This is not just motivational coaching, positive thinking or goal planning, although those are readily available tools I can guide you through as needed. As I see it, for many of us, we are our own worst enemy. We often even know what we want, we just don’t think we can have it or are capable of getting it. That is hogwash! (family friendly expletive there haha)

Nearly all of our roadblocks to success in any area of life go much deeper than we realize, into our subconscious belief system. But it is accessible! And transformable! It is through a heightened “self-awareness” and skilled guiding into that realm where the magic happens.

For me, this process was like getting to the root and pulling a decades-old abscessed tooth, once gone I experienced immediate relief. 

I have been set free from a lifetime of addictions and struggles with mental illnesses such as PTSD, ADD, Social Anxiety Disorder and others. Even worse than those were the limiting beliefs, unhelpful thinking patterns and lack of knowing who I am, what I am capable of, and the self-sabotaging voice that I didn’t even know was there always tearing me down when I tried to rise above my current situations.

Today, and every day, I now live my BEST LIFE and I AM LOVIN’ IT!

I’m not rich (yet), I’m not married (yet), but I am finally all-in on my dreams, and I couldn’t be more excited about my future. It doesn’t matter that I’m over 50 years old and the cards of time are stacked against me, I’m actually focused, driven, confident and excited… I am free from the debilitating fear, and that feels great!

The first call is always free, you have nothing to lose. Take the challenge and see if I’m the real deal.

Here’s to your new life!


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